Right now in life, I am:

MAKING some thrown clay cups/bowls/wonky looking pots in the ceramics class I’m taking with a friend of mine. I took a hand-building class in college and loved it, so I’m enjoying working on my wheel throwing techniques this time around.
COOKING White Cheddar Mac and Cheese, GF biscuits and GF sausage gravy, chicken tortilla soup, and these GF Nutella brownies (so good and so easy!).
DRINKING a cup of hot water with a large spoonful of honey and a couple drops of lemon essential oil in the mornings. I don’t really drink coffee or tea, so this is becoming a nice, healthy, morning ritual (thanks for the suggestion Blair!).
READING Simple Abundance every morning and this month I also read The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton. LOVED it!
WANTING to be able to make more time to read! I read so much during college (English was one of my majors) that for a little while after college I didn’t read much at all. That passion has come back full force lately and I just feel like reading all the time! I wish I didn’t have so many other things to do that I could just sit and read more often!
PLAYING Night Changes and Uptown Funk.
SEWING nothing, again! I have these gold cloth napkins from West Elm that I washed and seam-ripped, just waiting for me to sew into throw pillows for our living room. I ordered the pillow inserts this month to get them done, but then they sent me the wrong ones! I sent them back and now need to re-order more. This simple project has taken so long to accomplish!
CROCHETING a scarf that I started in December that I still need to finish…
WISHING for the weather to stay at a nice, consistent warm temperature. I’m tired of these dipping back into the cold days. 


ENJOYING the lovely warm weather the Saturday before Mardi Gras. Blair, Drew, and I watched the day parades (Iris and Tucks) Uptown (photo above), and it almost made up for the less-than-stellar Muses experience we had the Thursday weeknight before.
WAITING excitedly for our trip to California we have planned this spring to visit Drew’s brother, his wife, and their baby girl! We have everything lined up and ready for our trip, we just can’t wait for it to get here!
LIKING Copperplate Calligraphy so far! I’ve been wanting to learn real calligraphy for a long time and it came in full speed this month! Last fall I joined the New Orleans Lettering Arts Association and this month’s meeting was on Copperplate Calligraphy. Then just a couple days later I started Melissa Esplin’s online I Still Love Calligraphy course. It was a Christmas present from Drew (I’ve wanted to take it since she started teaching it), and I’m so happy to finally have the time to dedicate to it!
WONDERING about efficiency, beauty, and creativity.
LOVING the things that I have discovered about myself and what I like over the last few years. Read all about my thoughts on clothing.
HOPING for a great March! I’m looking forward to completing my ceramics class and my calligraphy course, in addition to making patterns, blogging, reading, and prepping for our California trip!
MARVELING at the fact that two of my sisters made separate trips to visit me this month! Kelsey came for her birthday the first weekend of February and Blair came for Mardi Gras a couple weekends later. It is so rare that I get to spend time with them individually (very rare that it happens in New Orleans) and it was so nice!
NEEDING to get back into making patterns! I made so many in January that I got a little burned out. I took most of February off and now I’m ready to get back at it!
SMELLING the lovely smell of lemon essential oil as I put it in my honey water in the mornings. 


WEARING leggings underneath my pants because I get cold so easily!
FOLLOWING along closely to the weather every morning. It is just so jumpy lately! It will be in the 40s/50s one day and then into the upper 70s the next! I never know what to wear or how warmly to dress!
NOTICING that my legs are finally starting to get better! I’ve had problems for a couple years with them being dry, itchy, and getting eczema patches. I finally got an appointment with a dermatologist here and she recommended I use Vanicream soap to wash my body (my dermatologist in IL also recommended the same for my face several years ago) and CeraVe SA cream for lotion. So far both are working really well. If you have dry, itchy skin, you might give either of those a try!
KNOWING how cute and sweet this little kitty is. Goodness, I love her so much.
THINKING about starting “Morning Pages.” Basically, it is the practice of writing 3 entire pages by hand every morning. They aren’t supposed to be good writing, mostly just “brain dumping.” The ritual is supposed to clear your head, free your mind of all the worries/distractions/emotions that are constantly bubbling to the surface, and help you focus. It is supposed to be life-changing. (more info here, here, here and here.) I’m just not sure that I can get up earlier every morning!
BOOKMARKING lots of amazing patterns!
CELEBRATING MARDI GRAS!!! Of course! (photos above)
OPENING this runner rug for our hallway. It was our Valentine’s day gift to each other. So romantic, I know. 😉
LAUGHING at this video
FEELING a little bit of joy at this little handpicked camellia flower given to me (and all the ladies) at our church supper one Wednesday by one of the old men of the church.


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