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October was such a wonderful month! A little busy, a little crazy, but beautiful weather and some pretty awesome opportunities!

Right now in life, I am:

MAKING progress on our art gallery wall for the living room! I finally have all the frames I need, I just need to decide on their layout and put the artwork in a few of them.
COOKING homemade Vegetable Beef soup. Along with more Artisan Gluten-free BreadWhite Chicken Chili, and  Cheese Stuffed Lasagna Manicotti. We also made our first Sunday roast of the season this month.
DRINKING water out of my new bkr water bottle. Love it!
READING Anne of Green Gables (my favorite), again.
WANTING to spend more time outside in the lovely weather before it starts getting cold.


PLAYING not that much on the radio. More often than not lately, I’ve been turning my radio off while I’m driving and use that quiet as prayer/relaxation/mediation/thinking time. Surprising how centering and peaceful the silence can be.
SEWING nothing right now.
CROCHETING (in the photos above) a baby blanket for Drew’s great-niece, born this month. I’ve also been working on a throw blanket for our living room.
WISHING for a restful weekend. Last weekend was so wonderful, but so busy.
ENJOYING the gorgeous weather in New Orleans. This month we’ve enjoyed going on more walks around New Orleans and spent some time relaxing on a quilt by the Mississippi river soaking up the sunshine and the nice breeze. We also visited the Blues and BBQ Festival downtown while Drew’s parents were in town visiting.
WAITING until we have an IKEA in New Orleans! So we visited the one in Houston, TX last weekend.


LIKING this quote I hand-lettered. From Anne of Green Gables, of course. (and the one above)
WONDERING what life was like then and then.
LOVING our sweet little kitten, Violet!
HOPING that I meet a lot of my creative goals in the next year.
MARVELING at how nice it is to have a little kitten to come home to and to be excited to see you/spend time with you. Our lives must have been incredibly boring before we got her!
NEEDING to paint more, and blog more, and design more.


SMELLING the wonderful aroma of Sweet Olive trees.
WEARING a frappuccino costume for my work’s Nursery school trick-or-treating! (nude colored sweater (a dress would have been better) Starbucks logo, white feather boa for whipped cream and gold Mardi Gras beads for the caramel)
FOLLOWING (new to me) designers Leah Duncan and  Elizabeth Olwen after meeting them and seeing their fabric designs at Quilt Market last weekend.
NOTICING how places hold so many memories.
KNOWING that exciting things are to come in my creative career! So inspired after meeting so many of my favorite fabric designers at Quilt Market.


THINKING a lot about my future, my creative passions, my career, and what I really want out of life. Bonnie Christine’s Design Surface Patterns from Scratch course and Quilt Market have been so invigorating to me!
BOOKMARKING this devotional to read at our Staff Meeting next week. So often I get so stressed/worried/anxious spending time trying to solve all my problems and I forget to stop and pray about them. Let Go and Let God.
CELEBRATING seven years together with my sweetheart this month.
OPENING this new iPhone case. LOVE it!
LAUGHING at this silly little kitten.
FEELING thankful for little Violet and her ability to make us put our phones and computers down and spend time sitting on the floor jiggling around a stuffed mouse. Here’s to slowing down and enjoying the moment.


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