Meet the newest little member of the Rowland household:


Violet from Violet, Louisiana. I originally wanted a cat named Clementine, but when we got her she just wasn’t a Clementine. She is totally a Violet. I love that her name holds a little piece of her history.


We’ve had her for a week. She is seven weeks old. Tiny little thing.



She likes to take cat naps snuggled up on my lap, long walks on the back of the couch, and likes to play with my mouse and try to jump on my computer when I’m working. She also likes neck and belly rubs.




She does not like loud noises or when I get on my phone instead of playing with her.



As you can see from these photos, my productivity levels turn to mush around her and we end up lounging on the couch when I should be working/cleaning/cooking, etc.


She follows me around the house. And runs to the door to greet me when I get off work.


Now all I do is sit around and take pictures of my cat. #catmom

    1. Get one! For the longest time I was so unsure of getting a pet and worried that it would be too much work. But she is so sweet to come home to, she makes life happier! 🙂


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