Right now in life, I am:

MAKING more thrown clay mugs and bowls in the ceramics class I’m taking with a friend of mine. I took a hand-building class in college and loved it, so I’m enjoying working on my wheel throwing techniques this time around. The pieces I made in March are much better than the ones I made in February!
COOKING homemade pork belly vermicelli bowls. So good (although we need to perfect our rice noodle game). GF Maple Pecan Pancakes and Bacon (recipe here) and homemade GF bread and strawberry jam (bread recipe here).
DRINKING a cup of hot water with a large spoonful of honey and a couple drops of lemon essential oil in the mornings. Also trying some new teas.
READING Simple Abundance in the mornings and I started Gift from the Sea.
WANTING to figure out a good, simple, natural hair and beauty routine. First I tried this co-wash hoping to use just one product for both shampoo and conditioner. But it left my hair too oily and product-y feeling. Now I’m using Dr. Bronners Castile Soap (unscented baby mild) with their Citrus Conditioning rinse. I like it, but don’t love it yet. I want to, but I’m still getting used to the way my hair feels now. It is less smooth and silky and more textured? It feels pretty string-y and has a lot of fly-aways. Hopefully there is just a transition period and it will get better!
PLAYING country music on the radio.
SEWING nothing, yet again! I have these gold cloth napkins from West Elm that I washed and seam-ripped, just waiting for me to sew into throw pillows for our living room. I ordered the pillow inserts last month to get them done, but then they sent me the wrong ones! I sent them back and now need to re-order more. This simple project has taken so long to accomplish!
CROCHETING an afghan that I started months and months ago…
WISHING Emma the best of luck as she embarks on a new job adventure! I’ll miss sharing an office with her though!

snowballs crop1

ENJOYING walks from our house to Plum Street Snoballs (pictured above). Love this weather.
WAITING for our California trip!! Soooo close! So excited!
LIKING my new suitcase! My old suitcase was a gift from my Mamaw probably over 10 years ago. It has traveled with me to many places. All over the US and to Europe, but it has been getting pretty worn and I’ve been afraid for a while that the zipper might break, so it was time to upgrade before our trip.
WONDERING at this little dew drop. 
LOVING my much more simplified and organized closet! I gave away 5 trash bags full of clothes! Ones that were too big/too small, didn’t fit correctly, didn’t look good on me, were too worn, too uncomfortable, I never wore, or didn’t like. So freeing to get rid of things that take up space in your life! I also upgraded to all new nice, matching hangers! Love this article on finding your personal style.
HOPING to work even harder at living a simple, intentional life. These articles really stuck with me this month: minimalist approach to beauty, minimalism, a beginner’s guide, 9 ways to start living a simpler, more intentional life, 30 day minimalism challenge. I’ve also been on a simplifying mission lately. Trying to get rid of everything that doesn’t bring me joy. Taking my favorite quote about the home to heart, “Have nothing in your house that you know not to be useful or believe to be beautiful (William Morris).” I’ve heard great things about this book. Anyone read it?
MARVELING at 12,000 tulips. Here and here
NEEDING to eat some Chipotle this weekend! It has totally become a weekend tradition around here. 
SMELLING fresh lemongrass we bought from the Asian market for our homemade vermicelli bowls. 

watercolor crop1

WEARING clothes in my closet that I actually like. My usual uniform. Denim, flow-y 3/4-length tops, sometimes cardigans, scarves, flats (too hot for my fav leather boots lately!), my leather bag.
FOLLOWING along, watching the filming happening outside my office window for the new fall show Scream Queens. I saw Emma Roberts and also Nick Jonas in a bathrobe. New Orleans is always interesting.
NOTICING my Louisiana surroundings. This bayou and shrimp boats in southern Louisiana when we went to eat at Alzina Toups and these gorgeous trees and plantation ruins in St. Francisville, Louisiana. The photo above of me watercoloring was also on the grounds of Afton Villa Gardens in St. Francisville.
KNOWING my future self will thank me for all the hard work I put into so many things now.
THINKING about living small. I came across this blog this month and fell in love. Read her home and on living less posts.
BOOKMARKING this bag (in the caramel color). Isn’t it so pretty? I went to the store and looked at it and I wish the small straps were longer! I want straps I can put over my shoulder. I need a good leather tote though. I bought a new one from Forever 21 to work as a carry-on for our California trip. We’ll see how it works, but I would like to invest in one I love that will last a long time.
CELEBRATING the nice weather, our upcoming trip, Emma and my last days working together. 
OPENING lots of things this month to prep for our trip. My new suitcase and carry-on bag, along with a new make-up case and a small pouch for my essential oils. I also bought this little salt cellar, so handy!
LAUGHING at our sweet and funny little kitty. Or catten as I call her. Our baby is growing up. 🙁
FEELING joy at this little heart I found on the sidewalk (below). Also joy and inspiration at reading theeverygirl every day. Also trying to remember that everyone is feeling and going through different things, “everyone is fighting their own battle.”

heart crop1

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