Right now in life, I am:

MAKING patterns!! My journey in surface pattern design has progressed by leaps and bounds the past few weeks! I’ve almost finished up my first collection of designs! So exciting!
COOKING the first blackberry pie of the season, GF Buttermilk Biscuits and Sausage Gravy for National Buttermilk Biscuit Day (May 14), lots of yummy Beef and Rice Salad Bowls, my Mamaw’s sweet tea, and her fried round steak and mashed potatoes and gravy.
DRINKING sweet tea! Just like my Mamaw used to make it. We also made mint juleps during the KY Derby/Jazz Fest in the mint julep cups I got Drew for Christmas. A little secret though, mine is just ice water with mint. Bourbon isn’t gluten-free.
READING Heather Ross’s book How to Catch a Frog.
WANTING to finish my first surface pattern design collection and make more!
PLAYING Kacey Musgraves. Loved seeing her at Jazz Fest this month!! Also loved seeing John Boutte and the music at Front Porch Fest. Can’t believe it look me 6 years of living in New Orleans to finally make it to Jazz Fest. It was awesome!
SEWING MY DIY WEST ELM CLOTH NAPKIN PILLOWS!! FINALLY!! If you remember, I had been talking about wanting to sew them in my Life Right Now posts for months. So glad this is finally done and they look awesome!
CROCHETING nothing lately. I have multiple projects in the works, just haven’t worked on them recently. Crocheting has taken a back seat to other creative endeavors. 
WISHING I could re-live just one day with my grandparents. They were such incredible people and I miss them so much. I enjoyed spending Memorial Day weekend running around their house, scanning in old photos, re-living memories, and playing with Fergus, my sister’s goat


ENJOYING dinner on the river with my dad, husband, and older sister and her husband and kids (me and Jackson). Catfish, family, BYOB (wine in our case), pretty views, and a nice (slightly fishy) breeze off the water.
WAITING for our next adventure. We have several exciting ones coming up! I can’t wait!
LIKING this Saturday at the beach for my birthday. Photos here, here, and here.
WONDERING why it took me so long to simplify my office area. It is so much nicer to work here without the visual overload it was before.
LOVING this pattern with my handwriting and seeing my designs on actual fabric!
HOPING to get to work on some DIY projects around the house this summer. More walls need to be painted and I have a project to do with my tree stump cake stand from our wedding, now that my best friend, Tonya’s, brother, Tyler, helped me cut it down while I was at home a few weekends ago.
MARVELING at the beauty and the peacefulness in my favorite place in the whole world. I spent so much of my childhood running through that creek in the backyard of my childhood home (photo below). It was so nice to take a walk back there with my dad when I was at home. Boy, how I miss the country. 
NEEDING to “fill my heart with what’s important and be done with all the rest.
LEARNING new bits of design knowledge every day.
SMELLING peonies, peoniespeonies, and more peonies.  


WEARING these new j. crew shorts (in aubergine) and my new little gold quatrefoil necklace. 🙂
FOLLOWING along on my progress from painting to pattern with these India ink sketches, here, here, and vectorized here. I’m loving how the final pattern came out and that I was finally able to combine my painting into my pattern work. This was the first time I’d sketched in India ink in 3-4 years!
NOTICING the beauty of Southern Illinois (me and my sister, Kelsey, in my dad’s friend’s vineyard).
KNOWING how much I wish there was a Dairy Queen closer to Uptown New Orleans. I think I ate DQ at least once a day when back home. Mini Turtle Pecan Cluster Blizzard with Cheesecake pieces for the win.
THINKING about summer travels, decorating plans, and future career plans.
BOOKMARKING this kitchen renovation and this breakfast nook.
CELEBRATING my birthday, my niece’s 10th birthday, and my friend Jessica’s college graduation. Lots of celebrating this month!
OPENING birthday presents! I didn’t really open it, but I bought a church pew for our dining room this month! I’ve been looking for one for years and my sister found one for me in Nashville. My dad is overseeing its renovation and I can’t wait to get it to New Orleans and into my dining room!
LAUGHING at life? I don’t remember any particular funny moments this month. But it was a great month with lots of fun times. 
FEELING grateful for this life I live. For family, for the country, for artistic talents, and Adobe design software.


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