Goodness, the last two weeks in my hometown flew by! It was so nice to be back in the country, to see some of my friends from high school and talk about wedding plans and visit with my family. It was a nice break from work and it was actually kind-of relaxing to be back in my house in the country with no internet. But I was also oh-so busy! I barely had a spare moment.

I was home during the county fair, so it was nice to walk around, eat fair food, and watch the demo derby. I also helped my mom out with a craft fair booth for her bow business in one of the local towns around my hometown.

I met a wedding cake baker with yummy cakes to sample and passed out many of mine and Drew’s business cards while I was there as well! If you would like to order one of my mom’s bows or other products, send me an e-mail or you can visit her website, here. (We are still working on her online store, so you might have to e-mail her to order.)

I did lots of wedding planning and shopping while I was home and also went back to visit the winery where we are having the wedding to get better ideas for decoration and layout. (more wedding shopping from my trip in this post)

We celebrated my brother’s birthday while I was home, ate lots of food, got many more engagement congratulations at church on Sunday (since everyone had seen our announcement in the paper), visited with family, ate at all the local restaurants that we miss when in New Orleans, shopped, did wedding stuff, and relaxed and watched several movies. Drew and I both got haircuts, I went to the dentist, the doctor and the chiropractor (I pulled a muscle in my lower back), went to a strength training exercise class that my friend Tonya teaches (that was before and totally unrelated to my back injury), and also went to a wedding while I was home.

It was definitely a busy trip. It is so nice to be home and to be in the hills and the country again, but it is also nice to be back in New Orleans and in our apartment and have our suitcases all unpacked as well. There are definitely traces of our trip home in our apartment though:

Our fruit bowl is full of tomatoes from my parent’s garden.

The table is piled high with cucumbers from their garden as well.

The counter is covered with jars of freshly canned tomatoes and salsa from my older sister and her garden.

Our couch is much softer with the addition of our newly re-covered couch pillows by my mom, the lovely seamstress.

We got our lovely table here with no problems fitting into the car at all!

I love it! It is perfect for our foyer to function as a large desk for Drew and also as a dining table to seat at least 6 or so if we have company over. The only thing that I don’t like about it is:

It got scratched either being put into the car or while being lifted out of the car. However, with a little wood oil it should be fine. That is one of the reasons that I wanted a rustic/farmhouse table–so that if it did get scratched up over time, it would just look well worn and not completely ruined.

I’m excited to be back in our house and to get back to work on home DIY projects before school starts in a few weeks! Stay tuned for some house updates sometime soon! 🙂


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