Pretty big purchase huh? I’ve never had my own real furniture before. Especially brand new furniture. It is pretty exciting to actually be picking out furnishings for rooms other than just a bedroom. I told you all about our couch when we picked it out, here. Well it has been here a week and in that week I think it has gotten three times more use than any other piece of furniture in our house. Here are some pictures of it on the day it arrived:

Ignore the dark spot on the middle cushion. That is just a water spot. I had to use a wet rag to get a big dirty handprint off of it from one of the delivery guys. I wasn’t too happy about that. But luckily it came right off. So far the couch has handled minor little clean-ups quite well.

When we first looked at this couch we were a little worried about the color. We wanted something more neutral. However, so far I really like the color. It is pretty and soft, but adds a slight bit more interest to the room. Plus I think with mostly neutral decor and a few other pops of color, it will almost feel neutral anyway. Plus I’m a big fan of the color green.

I’m not a big fan of the pillows on it though. The colored diamond patterned ones are just horrible. Yucky fabric, yucky colors, yucky rough texture, etc… But I think they will be fine to recover with some fabric that I already have. The brown ones are okay, but I don’t really like the square/diamond pattern in the stitching. Plus one side is sewn up with completely wrong colored thread. But I can live with those ones for now. Maybe later I’ll recover those ones too.

This is the fabric that I already have that I think I’m going to re-cover the pillows with. You can also see the pattern in the stitching on the brown pillow better here too.

So far we really like it! I’m excited to see how much better it looks once we have the living room put together a little more. I’ve already got ideas for art on the wall above it and I hope to someday get a coffee table or tufted ottoman to go in front of it, small side tables on either side, a different rug, and some other furniture for the room. 🙂


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