Our foyer is probably the most decorating neglected room of any in our house. This is especially sad because it is the very first room you see and walk into when you come in our little home. I think the main reason we haven’t done much to it is because it functions for a lot of different things, so it is hard to get the right pieces and create the right balance in there. It functions as an entryway/mudroom, a dining room, and also as Drew’s office.

Here is all we had done to it so far:

This room is not so bad compared to how it looked for the first several months we lived here:

All last summer we just closed this room off from the rest of the house and didn’t use it. Then we put up the blinds, got our dining room table, refinished this lamp for in there, and put some plants in there. That was about it. The rest of the room was storage/piling place for things that didn’t have a place.

We are trying to change that and finally give this room some love. (Slowly, but surely!)

We thought the best way to spruce this room up was to add some patterned curtains to the windows. (the regular ones, not the arched ones) I looked for months for curtains online and at the few fabric stores that New Orleans has to find some pretty drapes or fabric to make some. New Orleans is severely lacking in the fabric department, so no luck there. I found some pretty options online, but a lot of them seemed expensive and many didn’t come with 96 inch length options.

Finally, for Valentine’s day we decided that instead of buying each other gifts, we would both go in together and buy something for our home. Foyer curtains seemed like the perfect thing that we had been needing, so we went with these:

These are these curtains from Pottery Barn Teen actually. When I was in middle school and high school I loved looking through the pb teen magazine at all the amazing kids/teen rooms. I hadn’t paid much attention to them in the past few years, but I’m glad I revisited their website to check out their curtain options! I love the geometric pattern of these!

Based on the pictures on the website, I expected them to be more like a printed heavyweight cotton. However, they are made of a much thicker fabric and the gray pattern is very textured and more like velvet. It was unexpected, but I like the more heavy lush quality of these. I really like the warm gray color as well (Although they have several other color options). For the curtain rod, we went with the same one we used in the living room, since the rooms are side by side and you can see them from both rooms.

They definitely add much needed softness and texture to the foyer. They make it look so much more home-y and put together already! (Putting away the bicycle and other storage in there also helped) Now we can move on to other updates in there! Next on the list is a better work/office area for Drew!

    1. Thank you! That is what I love about them! They are pretty and patterned, but also neutral, so they will go with the space no matter what colors end up in there and move with us easily! 🙂


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