We have this lamp that used to be in Drew’s studio apartment. Now that we are in our new apartment, it lives in our foyer.

Drew’s mom gave it to us, but I’m not sure whose it was before that. It is old and it looks like it too. That crinkled shade just shows its age. Definitely not the decor look that I’m going for in our house. I don’t like the shade or the bronzey-gold color of the base.¬†However, I do like the height of it and I like the shape of the curvy metal base.

Therefore I decided it was time to give it a slight makeover.

I took off the shade, dusted off the base and taped up the electrical part on the top.

Then this entered the picture:

I also taped up a little bit of the electrical cord as well, so that it wouldn’t get painted. This is Rustoleum’s Metallic Metal Spraypaint in Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Then I took it outside and let Drew do the spraying. One coat, thirty minutes later, a slight touch up, tape off and then we ended up with this:

Doesn’t it already look so much better! I love oil rubbed bronze Spraypaint! It looks like a dark charcoal black, but then when light shines on it, it gives off this reddish/bronze sheen. So pretty!

Then I added a new linen-y textured shade from Target, and voila! A whole new lamp!

See, isn’t the oil rubbed bronze so pretty?

It looks so much more modern and updated. I also love that the color and style compliment the living room curtains and rod quite well:

And when the light isn’t shining on the base it looks like this:

I love it so much more!

What do you think? Have you done any home refashioning lately?


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