I haven’t mentioned much about decorating the kitchen since we moved in to our apartment. I did mention this post about inspiration for the kitchen, but that is about it. We haven’t done much in the kitchen, because it is pretty functional and looks fine for now pretty much the way it is. We did need a little bit of artwork though. The nook above the sink was a little bare.

Especially with that spotlight right above there, it definitely emphasized the fact that it was empty and bare. Perfect place for artwork! After settling into our apartment and seeing our existing kitchen decor, I noticed that it consisted of neutral beige and whites with pops of greens, blues, and pink-y/coral/oranges. I had been contemplating what kind of artwork to put up there when I realized the kitchen print from this post last May would be perfect!

So of course, I ordered it immediately. It came from Canada, so it took a week or two to get here, but arrived in perfect condition. The only downside is that it is an odd size for framing–10.5 x 14 inches. I took it to Michael’s to see how much it would be to have it custom framed, and they said it would be upwards of $130 for just a simple white frame and matte! How ridiculous! Instead I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a pretty white 16×20 frame with a 40% off coupon and had Michael’s cut me a custom white matte to match the dimensions of the print to the frame. This was much cheaper, but still not free– $22 for the frame and about $22 to get the matte cut as well. Why it costs as much to get a matte cut as it does to buy an entire frame with wood, glass, and backing, is beyond me.

So anyway, this process took a couple weeks. I bought the frame at Hobby Lobby while I was at home visiting a few weeks ago and then ordered the matte as soon as I got back to New Orleans and it took a week and a half for them to cut the matte. (again, kind-of ridiculous) As soon as I got all the pieces, I put it together. I love the way the matte and frame look with the print!

Drew installed the hanging hardware on the back of the frame and we hung her up!

I love the way the frame looks in there! The simple edges of the frame match really well with both the kitchen cabinets and the trim around the windows and the door.

I just love how it fits perfectly with the feel and look of our kitchen. I love the colors, the old-fashioned, home-y feel, and the pretty flowers, cups, tea towels, and rolling pins.

The name of the print is “Hot Chocolate.” How sweet!

The kitchen (and the rest of the house too) is really coming together. I love the feel of our house so far. It is becoming so cozy and home-y and I love being here!

In case you noticed in the pictures above, that is more basil growing in water by the sink. I broke off a few bits of my bigger basil plant in the windowbox and put them in water to grow roots so I could plant them and grow more basil plants. I planted one of them the other day and it is about time for me to plant this one as well.

Oh and if you like my kitchen print and would like to check out more work from the artist or order one for yourself, visit Janet Hill’s Etsy shop, here. She has such pretty paintings! I want them all!

  1. I love the basil plant growing next to the sink! Such a simple idea, but it brings such a nice organic element to the kitchen. Plus, you can’t beat pinching off some fresh basil for a meal!


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