I have more vacation adventures to share with you, but I thought I would take a break from vacation posts to bring to you a little bit of inspiration. Or at least show you something that inspires me.

I love looking at pictures of pretty homes, rooms, and decor. They never cease to stir up inspiration and creativity in me. However, sometimes they also make me a little sad that I don’t have the layout, time, or money to achieve anything nearly as pretty as them at this time in my life in my own apartment.

Although today I did stumble across this kitchen picture from one of my favorite blogs:

I love the pretty and relaxed feel of this room. It is colorful but subtle, country but classy with modern touches, and it just feels like such a livable space. I especially LOVE the island/table in the middle!

The more that I looked over this picture, the more I realized what I also loved about it was that a similar look is totally and easily achievable in my own kitchen! In our apartment we already have cabinets and countertops that look similar to these. We have stainless steel accent pieces like this kitchen (although not stainless steel appliances) and the few other accent pieces that we have are in a similar chartreuse color as the ones seen here. The breakfast table that we have in the kitchen also has similar legs to the ones on the table here too. We obviously can’t re-create everything in this picture in our space, but why would we want to do that? It is meant to give us inspiration and to take it and make it our own rather than copy it exactly.

Finding images like these that allow for reachable design goals are becoming even more of an inspiration to me than any images in designer magazines that I can’t even begin to try to achieve! Yay for achievable inspiration!

Check out more of Kara Paslay’s home and awesome design on her blog, here.


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