It has been way too long since I’ve done an inspiration post! I am constantly being inspired by everything, so I’m not sure why I haven’t shared anything lately. (I’m currently LOVING Pinterest for inspiration! Check it out!) Anyway, I stumbled across this shop on Etsy today that has the loveliest little paintings. I should have narrowed them down to just a few to post, but they are so amazing and I couldn’t pick! (so be warned, this post has a lot of pictures)

They are all so pretty, I don’t know if I can pick a favorite! I definitely think I’ll have to pick one to go in our new house once we move in and I can see what wall space I have for art! I really like the first one of the kitchen, the third one of the blue dining room, and the seventh one of the office with the yellow desk. I also like the colors in the living room of the fourteenth one. The one with the three girls’ skirts/shoes/books one reminds me of me and my little sisters though. My grandma used to always buy us things with sets of threes. The one with the shoes is also really pretty. Goodness, I love them all! You should definitely check them out in Janet Hill Studio’s Etsy shop!

        1. I love those ones too! I’m thinking about the first one and the third one to go side by side in our new kitchen, but I’m not for sure! I also like the one with the girl in the skirt! It is so elegant and classy! Emily Hall told me that one was her favorite and it reminded her of a poem that I wrote in our English class junior year. I have a collage of frames that I want to do in our hallway in the new house, so I might just have to get that one! It would look pretty there. 🙂


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