I can’t believe that we’ve been in the new house a week already! It feels like we’ve been here longer than that. I guess because we spent a month and a half dreaming about it before we could actually move in. We’ve done a lot this week though. The previous owner left a ridiculous amount of nail holes, nails, and other hanging devices in every single wall. I took all those out, patched them up and repainted over those spots on the walls.  We got our new couch delivered! I planted the windowbox, we built shelves in two of the closets, we hung a curtain rod and the pink curtains from my old dorm room in my office, Drew took apart and fixed the dryer, the handyman came and fixed two outlets, patched up some of the walls, caulked around the tub and did some other minor repairs as well. My mom bought me a bed frame for the bed for my birthday, so the bed is no longer on the floor. We’ve gotten a good amount of our stuff unpacked and bought little various things for the house. I’ve also picked out nice and also inexpensive bookcases for the hallway and found the perfect desk that I’ve been wanting! (although they aren’t here yet) So needless to say, it has been a busy week! Drew has also been working all week and I’ve babysat and worked on several design projects that I have going at the moment. It does feel like maybe things are starting to settle down a bit.

However, let’s rewind a bit, shall we? Before all these things got done, we moved into an empty house. Would you like a tour of it before we moved anything in? I gave a tour of it, here, when the previous tenant still lived there and you can see the house will all her stuff in it, but since it will look totally different with our stuff in it, I think it is nice to start with a blank slate of pictures for comparison down the road.

Here we go:

Open the door and this is the view of the foyer. (For pictures of the outside, stairway, and our door, see the first house tour.)

This is the foyer looking back towards the door. I just love those windows and the hardwood floors!

The foyer has red French doors that open into the living room. See all the sunlight that fills the space? There weren’t any lights on when I took these pictures.

This is a view from the other side of the living room looking back into the foyer.

A view over to the side where the couch will be. (or actually, where it already is)

This view is from the same side, looking into the living room and on into the foyer from the hallway.

This is the hallway right off the side of the living room that runs all the way down the house. The kitchen is the first door on the right, the smaller bedroom/office is the second door and then at the end of the hallway is the laundry room. At the laundry room, the hallway turns to the right and straight into the bathroom with the second bedroom being on the left.

This is the view in the first door off the hallway–the kitchen. See, still lots of sunlight.

The kitchen is pretty big actually. There is room for our little round table and chairs under the window. The door open on the right is the pantry. However, Drew’s favorite thing about this room is the dishwasher.

This is the same wall with the pantry on it. The door closer to the front is a private stairway that goes outside. We are pretty much just using it for storage. You can see a view inside it in the old house tour, here.

The kitchen!

View into the smaller bedroom/office.

This is the far left corner of the room as you walk in. A nice little nook area.

The corner looking back towards the door.

Another look back towards the door, with the closet as well.

As you reach the end of the hallway, it turns into the laundry room.

Pretty basic laundry room. I’m just happy that we have one! This one is pretty big though. We also have our deep freezer in there now too.

The hallway then turns to the right and the bathroom is straight ahead and the bedroom is to the left.


Pretty built-in.

Then you look into the bedroom.

From the other side of the bedroom looking back at the door, you can see Drew’s closet on the left and the linen closet on the right.

Another view of pretty much the same thing, but from the other side. You can see the bathroom door outside the bedroom door.

Goodness! That was probably more than you bargained for. But hey, now you know what we started with and can follow our progress as we decorate and make it ours! 🙂


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