I’m so excited!!! Remember my post about Rose Windows from last week? Remember how I was talking about the rose window illustration print that I wanted, but that Little Brown Pen’s shop didn’t list it? I had sent them an e-mail about it, but never heard anything back. However, I saw today on one of the blogs that I read, that Little Brown Pen was having a sale through all of April on all their prints and illustrations. So I visited their blog to get the coupon code. (They are offering 20% off through May 1st!) I saw underneath the coupon code that it applied to not only their Etsy shop, but their website as well!! I didn’t know that they had a website, so I hadn’t even thought to check it before! Sure enough, I found the illustration of the rose window on there! It is available in yellow, gray, charcoal, and brown! PLUS they offer free shipping in the US! I ended up getting this one:

So excited!! Not only did I find the print I wanted, but I got free shipping and 20% off!!!  You should definitely check out their prints and illustrations. They are all of scenes around Paris and are so pretty! I talked about more of them in this post a while ago. Get their coupon code at their blog, here.


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