Today we purchased our first original piece of fine artwork — a painting  by my absolute favorite artist in New Orleans, Adam Hall. I shared his work before in this post a long time ago. Every month, we go to the Palmer Park Arts Market and look through his booth of paintings. I’ve wanted one for a long time, so I’m so excited to brighten our home with one of his colorful New Orleans works of art.

My older sister and her husband gave us money as a wedding gift and before it all got spent on wedding expenses, we wanted to put some of it aside to make sure we bought something as a wedding gift from them. I love art and Blair and her husband collect fine art, so we thought a painting would make the perfect wedding gift from them.

We missed the Arts Market last month (they switched the weekend because of Jazz Fest and we didn’t know), so we e-mailed Adam to see if he would be showing his paintings anywhere else in the next few weeks. He e-mailed us back and said he would be more than happy to bring some of his paintings over to our house for us to look at them. (How nice!) We told him the average size and price range that we were looking for and he brought over about 15 paintings that fit in that range. They were all so beautiful!! We spread them throughout the living room and foyer and quickly paired them down to our top favorites. I wish we could have bought more than one!

I forgot to snap a picture of them inside, but here they are about to be loaded back up into his car:

And for the one we chose, here it is:

Isn’t it gorgeous? The colors are amazing and I love the impressionistic quality. The scene is so pretty and cozy, I would love to be swinging on that porch swing! The title is “The Light Behind the Columns.”

I love the pop of colors it brings into our home and I love that it can be enjoyed from both the living room and the foyer. This picture makes it look small, but it is really 24×36 inches (2×3 feet). It will definitely be a family keepsake for us and is an amazing wedding present! (Thanks Bob & Blair!!)

Anyway, if you live in the New Orleans area, check out Adam Hall at the Palmer Park Arts Market, the last Saturday of every month in Palmer Park. If you aren’t from New Orleans, definitely check out his website or contact him about other paintings. He is a really nice guy and does absolutely amazing work.

    1. It’s oil paint. I love the movement too. It has so much going on with the colors and the brushstrokes, there is always something new to look at in it! 🙂


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