Today has been a pretty creatively inspiring day! I love days like today!

I made pecan waffles with whipped cream for breakfast. Very delicious! Then, Drew and I went to the Palmer Park Arts Market that is always the last Saturday of every month. It was, as usual, amazing. One of my favorite things about New Orleans is how involved people are. There are always festivals and markets every weekend, and sometimes even throughout the week. There is never a time when there isn’t something going on down here. But anyway, Palmer Park usually has a lot of the same artists and designers there every month, but I still love going to see all the amazing things that they make. I just love strolling through and looking at the different kinds of art that people create and the amazing talents that God has bestowed upon people. There are metalworkers, painters, jewelry makers, pottery artists, photographers, print makers, glassblowers, textile artists, and lots of people that make pretty things out of random things. I love the booth that has artwork made out of old windows and doors and the one that makes furniture out of wood from buildings being torn down and re-built from Katrina. There is so much New Orleans spirit in many of the things that people make as well. I just love seeing and being inspired by all the art!

One of my absolute favorite painters was there. I absolutely LOVE his paintings! His name is Adam Klein Hall and here are a few of his works:

You can see more of his work here.

I really like this artist’s metal jewelry:

Her name is Kiki Huston and you can see more of her work here.

Here is one of the screen door art pieces that I mentioned:

You can see more of Barbara Roberds screen door art here.

Those were just a few of the inspiring art pieces at the art market, but I guess it got me in the creative mood, as if I’m not already in a creative mood like 99% of the time anyway. After the art market, I worked on my website design. If you noticed, I’ve added a services page with some of the services that Love, Cake designs offers. I am now officially up and running, designing logos and making business cards and other products. Check it out. I also changed the header at the top and made my website more about the business, instead of only about my blog. 🙂

After designing for a little while, Drew and I headed out shopping to see if we could find a desk or kitchen chairs for his apartment. We have been on a search for both lately. We didn’t end up finding either, but we stopped at various places and he got some kitchen gadgets and other things he needed and I found another really pretty glass bottle to add to my collection, a really great floor pillow, a book or two and a really pretty painting for my room. I am really excited about my finds for the day, especially the painting! I usually don’t buy artwork because I paint myself, but I really liked this one. I will share a picture soon if I remember to take one.

The decorating items and artwork really played well into my already creative/artsy inspirational day. I love art and paintings and decorating so much! Ahh… I get so excited about all the ideas I get for art and projects. I just want my own house to decorate and to expand Love, Cake Designs to more than just graphic design! I want to add art and textiles into it as well, but I haven’t yet had the time. I get so many ideas of wonderful things to make and I don’t know whether I should run with my ideas or if it is better to be patient and wait until the time is right to start anther adventure, since I’m already a full-time student? I guess a mixture of the two? Ahh… I just have so many dreams and it is hard to sit around and wait to turn them into realities! But then again I have a ton of homework to do, so I guess those dreams can wait at least until next weekend. Speaking of dreams, I think right now the only dreams I need to worry about are sweet dreams because it is definitely time for bed! Goodnight all. 🙂


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