****UPDATE—because of the venue we had to change this original date for the wedding to June 2, 2012****

It seems like just yesterday that we got engaged, right? It has been 5 months since then actually. On one hand, I’m just ready for the wedding to hurry up and get here and on the other hand, I have so much to plan and take care of before then, that I hope it doesn’t get here before I have time to get everything done.

It took us a while to actually decide on a date for the wedding, even though we were thinking May 2012 from the beginning. I’ve always wanted to get married in the Spring. It is such a pretty time, it is a time that symbolizes new beginnings, I love the plants and flowers blooming then, the colors I wanted for the wedding were all bright, spring-y colors, and it just fit in the best with our schedule. Both being college students, if we wait until the end of May in 2012 to get married, Drew will have graduated and will (hopefully) have been offered a full-time position (He works full time now and has several promising options through the places he works) so we will be okay financially as a newlywed couple. Not only will Drew be out of school, but I will be out of school for the summer as well. I will be out of school for at least two weeks or so before the wedding, to finish up last minute things and then we are free to travel to southern Illinois for the wedding and then go on a honeymoon without having to worry about missing school. We will then have the whole summer to get situated into married life and whatnot before the fall and I begin my senior year at Tulane.

When looking at it that way, that is really the only time that we have as an option. I don’t want to wait farther into the summer, because I want the wedding to be outside, and it is way too hot for an outdoor wedding in the summer. We briefly considered moving the wedding up to this fall, but we don’t have any breaks from school long enough to be able to pull off a wedding and a honeymoon. Planning the wedding will be stressful enough, I don’t want it to have to worry about it combined with the school season as well. The only downside to next spring is that from the time of our engagement it was a year and a half away. I’m starting to realize that wedding planning almost starts to drag on over that long of a period. I’d almost rather the wedding be sooner so that I can get the planning stuff mapped out and done with. Since the wedding is still a year away, there is a lot of stuff that I can’t really do yet as far as the planning goes. But it is all still hanging over my head as stuff I need to do.

Anyway, I’ll stop babbling on and on about it all. I’m getting ready to go home for a visit to hopefully get quite a bit of wedding stuff taken care of. My plans for the summer include getting as much wedding planning, shopping, and designing done so that anything I would have to do during the school year is at a minimum. We’ve already taken our engagement pictures (that I still need to edit and post!) and I’ve been working on a design for the save-the-dates and the coordinating invitations, thank you cards, and all the other wedding paperie. I’ll let you know whenever any other important wedding details get taken care of.

But back to the whole reason for this post. Did anyone remember the date we set for the wedding that I mentioned back in this post? May 26, 2012. Well guess what? It is May 26, 2011. That means our wedding is exactly one year away today! I can’t believe that on this day next year, I’ll be walking down the aisle!


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