As you know from this post, I shared pictures of our bathroom and then shared my inspiration images for a makeover.

bathroom makeover inspiration1

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It’s been a few weeks now, and I’m happy to say that our little bathroom has come a long way!

before after br looking in closer

before after br built in side

sink side accessories 5 brighter1

What I did:

  • Cleaned! I scrubbed down all the walls, tile, shower, sink, floors, etc.
  • I scraped the paint off the glass on the built-in cabinet & mirror on the medicine cabinet (whoever painted it was super sloppy!)
  • I organized the built-in cabinet to maximize storage in there and created a sort-of small vanity-like area in there to use when putting make-up on in the mornings.
  • I added an extra shelf (already had the wood on hand) to the bottom part of the built-in cabinet and organized storage in there as well.
  • I organized the clutter on the magazine rack (although I’m still not in love with the way it looks, plus the white is more yellow than the surrounding areas, so it might be replaced sometime or get a new paint job)
  • I gave the shower curtain rod, curtain rings, toilet paper holder, towel rod, and both light fixtures a nice coat of oil-rubbed bronze spray paint. (don’t they look so much more crisp and clean?)
  • I hung the shower curtain rod higher and put up an extra long shower curtain liner. (this makes the room feel so much bigger!)
  • I gave the ceiling vent a nice new coat of white spray paint (it was all rusted before).
  • I painted the ceiling a pretty mint blue color.
  • I painted a painting for the room.
  • I spray painted two frames gold and added black and white photos to them.
  • I switched up the accessories.

I did all the main things I wanted to do in the room, but it isn’t 100% finished yet. I still need to find/make a shower curtain (there is only a liner up now), but that’s proving a little tricky since I don’t really want a plain white one (there is already a lot of white going on), but there aren’t many other options in a extra long size. I need it to be 72×84 inches, which is wider than any standard fabric I could buy, so I’m hoping to find a really awesome full/queen/king sized sheet I like that I can use to make a shower curtain out of. It might take a while to find what I’m looking for though.

I’m also not in love with the magazine rack situation. The creamy white color looks dirty/dingy against the rest of the white in the room, so I might paint it, but I don’t really love it overall anyway. The magazines don’t sit every well in it.

For now, I’m using a rug we already had in here, but that might get replaced down the line. I think the room could use a little more pattern, so something more interesting might be in store later.

Other than that, I’m pretty happy with how this little makeover turned out, especially for it to be mostly paint, art, and accessories!

bathroom outside brighter1

Hanging the shower curtain rod higher makes an amazing difference in this room. It feels so much bigger than it did before and it looks so much better now that the rod doesn’t visually cut right through the middle of the window anymore.

bathroom outside 3 brighter 1

bathroom horizontal brighter 1

bathroom sink side brighter1

My original plans didn’t include painting the ceiling, but I am so glad I thought of that and went for it! I love the blue porch ceilings in New Orleans and I had been itching for a ceiling to paint (I think they can make such a statement in rooms with white walls!), so I thought this would be a great place to go for it. I love the subtle statement it makes in here and it is great at breaking up all the white everywhere else (and tying in the colors in the art and accessories!).

lighting and vent updates brighter1

sink side accessories 4 brighter1

books and plant 2 brighter1

artists handbook brighter 1

I absolutely love the color, interest, pattern, and coziness that these old books and the little brass bowl bring to the room. They are my favorite part. I think every room (including bathrooms and kitchens) should have books and plants. Things to bring up the home-y factor and make them seem like less industrial spaces. How perfect are the colors in these and the fact that one is an artists handbook! Love that! Picked these up for a couple dollars at an estate sale.

books and plant 3 brighter1

I also really love these black and white photos that I hung in some frames I spray painted gold (the frames got a little fingerprint-y when Drew hung them, so I might have to touch them up). They remind me of cute memories Drew and I have (one is us at a Louisiana plantation in a friend of mine’s hometown and the other is of us in the French Quarter one year at Mardi Gras) and I think they give this room so much personality. Those, along with the painting, plants, and books really bring our interests/personalities into the space. I think it’s crucial for your home to be a reflection of who you are.

gold photos 2 brighter1

painting brighter1

built in cabinet side brighter1

I painted the inside of our medicine cabinet with chalkboard paint a few months ago and I love it! Since it is one of the first things I see in the morning when I come in here to brush my teeth/wash my face, it is the perfect place for inspiring quotes and scriptures and Drew and I leave each other cute notes in here quite often.

chalkboard medicine cabinet brighter1

If you read my previous post about this room, then you might recall that one of my goals in renovating this room was to do it as inexpensively as I could, preferably spending not much over $50. Since I used a lot of things we already owned (storage in the cabinet, plants, towels, rug, etc.) and painted the painting myself, I came in pretty good!

Oil-rubbed bronze spray paint, $7
Extra-long shower curtain liner, $14
Frames & photos, $25
Ceiling paint (Color is Mint Whisper, Valspar by Lowe’s Paint & Primer in one), $13
Books/brass bowl, $3

Total: $62

Originally when I was thinking about the budget, I hadn’t planned on painting the ceiling and I was hoping to find cool frames at a thrift store, but I couldn’t find what I needed, so those upped the budget slightly. Overall, I think this is a great transformation for how little it cost!


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