I had already started our wedding registries online a while ago, but today Drew and I went into the stores to look around and see what else we wanted to add to our lists and to check things out in person. I’m excited about all the things on our list that could one day potentially be ours, but most of all, I’m super in love with the dishes that I picked out:


From the first time I saw those floral plates in the store months ago, I fell in love. I picked out the other white dishes online, so I wanted to go into the store, put them together and see how they looked together. I LOVE the way they look paired together! The colored plates give just enough color and interest and the white plates keep them simple and sophisticated. The coupe style and the shape and size of the plates are perfect together as well!

I wanted to go with white dishes and colored accent plates, that way over time I can collect different styles/colors of accent plates that I can change out for the occasion or holiday season, while still keeping the neutral white main dishes. I love the wide, deep bowls in this collection as well and the classy silverware collection. The name of the silverware is “Louisiana.” How perfect!

You can find more of the floral dishes collection, here, more of the white dishes collection, here, and more of the silverware collection, here.

More of our wedding registry items can be found at Dillard’s, Macy’s, and Target.

    1. Thank you! I started working on our registries over the summer online, then we went into the store this weekend to see if there was anything else we missed online that we liked in the store. If you haven’t started yours yet, I would recommend to wait until after Christmas is over. The home sections of Dillard’s & Macy’s were all moved around and stuff to make room for Christmas decor. It would be easier to find things after they move that stuff back out. (Although, if you do start it before Christmas, and people ask you what you want for Christmas, you can just tell them to buy you something off your wedding registry!)

      Here’s some good info to keep in mind about additional discounts on registry items at different stores: http://hip2save.com/2011/08/11/guest-post-hip-tips-for-wedding-registries/

    1. Thank you! Goodness it is getting close! Exciting!!! Ours is at like 180 days or so away! I want it to hurry up and get here and then again, I want it to take its time because I still have so much stuff to do! 🙂

    1. I feel like it will be the same with me! I already can’t believe that ours is down to 6 months away! What stuff do you have done/have left to do?

  1. Way too much! I have the basics, and ideas, it’s just doing them now! I finally got my sister’s dress ordered and have the other two told to go this week (one’s in California, and one’s in Northern IL so I am kinda nervous about that) and I have the bones of my centerpieces. Still need to talk to my mom’s friend who is doing the food for us and just ironing out some details. Just stressful! 🙂

    1. Oh I know what you mean! It sounds like it is starting to come together though! I’m sure it will turn out wonderfully. Besides, no matter what happens, you’ll still be married at the end of the day, and that is what matters! 🙂

  2. Exactly my mantra for this whole ordeal. I’m not out to show off! Honestly, I probably would have rather gone to Niagara Falls, but I got swept up in the romance of a wedding. Haha! I think we’ll be glad we did, I’m just stressed at the moment. hehe

  3. I wish! I’m not sure how much of a honeymoon we’ll get at the moment. I’m still in the process of checking in with work. It’s Michael’s spring break, so he’s free, but I didn’t realize I would have my job when we started planning, and I started in May so I don’t know if I’ll technically have vacation yet. We will see! If nothing else, we will do a quick weekend trip for now and do something bigger a couple months later when I get time off. Maybe I’ll get lucky and they’ll let me take vacation early! 🙂

    1. Ooohh that sucks! I’m kind-of worried about how that will play out with us too. Our wedding is June 2, so I know that I will be on Summer break and Drew will have just graduated, but we still aren’t 100% sure yet where he will be working then. He works full time with his boss now, but he is in the interview process with another company, so if he starts working there, that might mess up our plans. Hopefully not though, because we’ve already booked our flights and made our hotel reservations! I hope everything works out well for you guys! Even if you only got to take a weekend trip, that would still be nice! 🙂

  4. Hopefully if he already has that in the works they will understand and adjust his start date! Where are you guys going? Michael will be done with grad school in August and then we will most likely be moving to Nashville so I need to save some of my time off to move/house hunt, etc. Too much going on at once! At least it’s good stuff! 🙂

    1. Yeah I’m hoping that since it is already booked, it won’t be a problem. We are going to fly into Boston, Massachusetts and drive up the East Coast, staying in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and Portland, Maine as well. I’m so excited! I want to see the lighthouses, sailboats, and little quaint sea towns! 🙂 My parents have been there for vacations a couple times before and when I was little I remember my mom always talking about it and it sounded so neat!

      But anyway, that is awesome that you guys are thinking about moving to Nashville! My older sister lives right outside Nashville and loves it! It really is a great area to live. Drew and I are thinking about eventually moving somewhere around there so that we can be closer to home, but still be close to an airport, since Drew’s potential new job will require him to travel rather frequently. That is so exciting though! Moving and house hunting is always an adventure! 🙂

  5. That sounds fun! I want to do some traveling eventually, but with everything going on at the moment I guess it will just have to wait! We’re thinking about the Franklin/Spring Hills area. Michael has a cousin there and she loves it! Luckily my job is done by telecommunication so we just have to find Michael an architecture job (and that seems to be manageable there, unlike in Southern Illinois). I’m excited but oh my stressed too!

    1. That sounds great! My sister, Blair, lives in Lebanon and really loves it there as well! It is awesome that your job is so flexible. What kind of architecture does Michael want to do?

      1. He is looking into healthcare architecture! He’s working on his master’s thesis in that area now to beef up his experience! Michael’s uncle is a priest and used to have a church in the Lebanon/Donelson area!


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