I hope you all did your best to celebrate Earth Day yesterday (and Good Friday). We didn’t do anything earthy, but it was a productive day. Drew was off work and school because of Good Friday/Spring Break for most schools and Easter Weekend break for his school. We had a nice lunch together (Well sort-of, La Madeleine’s forgot to make our sandwiches and we waited for 30 minutes for them and then they admitted they forgot about them and we just ended up with them to go because I needed to work on stuff at school, but that was another 15 minutes for them to cook and box them up–it was somewhat irritating.) I went to school and worked on my final painting project for a bit and then spent the majority of the day working on packing up my dorm room.

As I stated in a previous post, it is only Drew and I moving things, so we are trying to do it a little at a time since I live on the second story of a building with no elevator and I have a lot of stuff to move in one day. Now that school is out, except for finals, I know what school stuff I need for the next two weeks, and the majority of everything else I will be okay with being boxed up for a couple weeks. It is amazing how quickly a room that looks like this:

can go to looking like this:

I’m happy though that we got some stuff moved out. It feels good to know that at least a little more than half of it is out and that is closer to being one less thing I have to worry about. Many of you know about my obsession with glass bottles. Well to show you an insight into this, I snapped this picture as I was getting ready to wrap up all my pretty little glass into bubble wrap:

Quite a few for just one room, huh? I think they are so pretty though. 🙂

Thinking back on Earth Day, I wish we would have done more for it. I wish there was more we could do for the environment than we do. I wish everyone did more for the environment. God created an amazingly wonderful place on Earth for us and we haven’t even yet been able to understand all its wonderful capabilities. The grandeur of it fascinates me. It makes me incredibly angry when people act careless and do all kinds of things that help to destroy it. How stupid can people be? Hello, we have to live here! Our children have to live here! By adding to the destruction of the Earth, it only hurts ourselves  and our future and gets rid of more and more of the beauty that we get to see of it. I can’t believe that people think that they have the power and authority to make everyone else’s lives worse, both physically and aesthetically.

I won’t rant on about it forever, and there are many people that do as much as they can for the earth. I will admit, your options for helping the earth are so limited when you live in a big city. At home in the country, we can grow our own food in our garden, plant as many trees as we like, throw all our food scraps outside or to the chickens or put them in the compost pile, conserve and reduce, and take care of our little piece of the world. In the city I can’t do hardly any of that, except for try to conserve and reduce as much waste as possible and recycle all our plastic/paper/glass. We did get a special bin for recycling from the trash company (they just started a recycling program in New Orleans) and we make sure to put every single piece of plastic that passes through our hands in there. We aren’t as good about paper, but at least paper is decomposable. Glass I usually keep, but if not, it goes to Tulane for the glassblowing students. I encourage you all to try your best to do the same in your area.

On a lighter note, Happy Easter Weekend everyone! I have been so wrapped up in getting everything finished for school that I completely forgot that Easter was this weekend until a couple days ago. It is weird and kind-of sad that we aren’t going to be home with our families this year (it is the first Easter I haven’t been at home for Easter) and brings up lots of good memories of me and the girls dressed up in our Easter dresses and Easter baskets and church and Easter dinner. I know I can’t re-create being at home, but hopefully we can have a nice Easter dinner to focus on making ourselves. Plus, that isn’t the reason for the season anyway.

Happy Easter!

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