Isn’t it amazing how sometimes you put off something for so long that in the end only takes you a short amount of time to actually do? That has been the case with painting rooms in our house. When we moved into our apartment four years ago, every single room in our house (except the bathroom and laundry room) were painted the same exact sunburned flesh color. I hated it. It was the worst orange-red muted shade of tan (in a flat finish!). But for the longest time I didn’t change it. I kept telling myself that it was just a rental, that we didn’t need to spend the money on it.

But there isn’t really anything good about telling yourself the “someday” mindset. What is the point in only ever living for “someday?” The fact is that the “someday” when we have a house of our own could be a really long way away. Who knows. I don’t want to live my life waiting on the future. They are only painted walls for goodness sake!

So the last couple years we have worked on getting rid of those ugly walls and making this apartment our own. I’m happy to say that as of this weekend, every single sunburned-flesh-orange-red-muted-tan wall color is GONE from this house!! (See the before pictures, here).
hallway further color edit1

The silly thing about it is, I would sit on the couch in the living room, staring down this hallway, just hating the previous color. I don’t know how much time exactly I spent hating it, but you know how long it took us to re-paint it? 2 hours. Only 2 HOURS to cover up something I spent YEARS hating!

hallway color edit1


Violet approves.

look into kitchen 2 color edit1

kitchen2 color edit1

kitchen sink area 2 color edit1

We don’t want our small apartment to be a rainbow of different colors, so we painted the hallway the same creamy white color of the living room (Asiago by Valspar in a Satin finish) and the kitchen the same taupey gray of the foyer/dining room (Smoked Oyster by Valspar in a Satin finish).

I still can’t believe that it took us so little time (2 hours per room) to get rid of something I spent years hating. What have you been putting off in your life that won’t actually take very long to finish? Get on it!



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