So I’m sure everyone has one, if not in list form, then in ideas that flow through their heads–a list of things that you would like to accomplish in your lifetime, dreams, goals, etc… I’m sure everyone already knows my dreams of getting married, raising kids, having a happy home, gardening and being creative in my own lovely decorated house somewhere on the Wallace family homestead. I write about that, or at least think about it all the time. But aside from those dreams and the typical dreams of wanting to finish school and figure out exactly what I’m meant to do in life and to work and to travel and to see the world, I have a list of mostly creative objectives that are things that I would like to do before I die. I’m sure that this list will continually change, but as for now, here are some of the things on my life list:

*create my own fabric line

*write and illustrate a children’s book (or books)

*design my own font (or fonts)

*start my own group of creative friends that can meet often to socialize and do crafts, etc… (maybe the Golden Roses?– this is inspired my the Metal Tulips, my fiance’s mom’s crafting group. It is eight women, all best friends, who get together every Wednesday to eat and chat and talk about their latest creative endeavors. They mostly do quilting and embroidery, so they all help each other with ideas and whatnot. Their name was inspired by Steel Magnolias.) I think it is a great thing and I would love to have my own similar group.

*publish a book of my creative non-fiction short stories (following in my grandpa’s footsteps)

*open an “Icing on the Cake” boutique selling handmade things

*learn how to letterpress

*design stationary and wedding invitations

*explore poetry (it is the form of writing that before last semester I was the least familiar with and I am very intrigued by it and I would like to continue to try my hand out at it)


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