This past weekend has been super busy and lots of fun! Drew’s Mom, Dad and Grandma have been here along with my Mom as well. They drove down from our hometown Friday evening and will be here until tomorrow morning. It has been such a blast to have guests in our home. It is so nice for it to be full of people and laughing and chatting. It gets kind-of quiet around here with just Drew and I here all the time. I grew up in a house full of people and I love being surrounded by family.

Anyway, we have been visiting, running around and eating all over New Orleans. We’ve visited other friends they have here, we’ve worked on small house projects, we’ve relaxed and watched movies, we’ve been shopping, and all kinds of things. I think they have all had a great time so far. I wish they didn’t live so far away and could visit more often! I love having people over at our house!

They also had to see Drew fly his plane. That didn’t end so well…

In case the plane in three pieces didn’t give it away, the plane had a big crash this time. Drew was quite sad. Although he did get two pretty good flights in before it broke, so he seems to be sort-of improving his flight skills.

Anyway, I just wanted to take a second to say how blessed I am to have family here on this lovely first day of November. The weather couldn’t be any more perfect either!

We also found out this weekend that my older sister is having a baby BOY due in March!!!! This will be the first baby boy born in my family in 27 years!!! My older brother has been the only boy in a family full of girls for the longest time! I can’t wait until my first nephew gets here! My nieces are super excited about having a little brother as well! My mom and I have already been looking at baby boy clothes!! So exciting!!

Life is so blessed! 🙂

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