When I shared my crocheted blanket with you a couple weeks ago, it looked like this:

It was 8×12 squares and about 3×5 feet. Now, it looks like this:

It is now 12×14 squares and roughly 5 1/2 x 6 feet. I’m so happy to have it finished and have all the little threads woven in. (That part took forever!) The final blanket is really big actually. It fits all the way across our three cushioned couch. Drew and I can easily sit at different ends of the couch and still both cover up with it.

I really love the addition of the border! It makes it so much prettier! It also helped to align and pull the squares more evenly and straighten them out. The border also adds a nice ripple/lace effect. My mom and I used the same soft white color as I had used around the colored circles on the row of double crochets in the border, then switched to a cream color for the row of single crochets in the border, then went back to the soft white for the chain stitch loops on the edge of the border. I love the slight variation in the colors there.

So pretty! Now I need to get some different pillows and artwork for our living room to balance out this beautiful pop of color! 🙂

I love having pieces in our home that have so much love woven into them! This blanket is not only pretty, but sentimental as well, considering my mom and I both worked on it so hard for weeks over break, watching movies and television shows in front of the fireplace in my childhood home. I’m happy it now gets to live in my New Orleans home and remind me of those memories.

For more information on how I made this blanket, check out the original post with directions, here. 🙂

  1. This looks lovely, I stumbled on this site as I have just made the exact same blanket and am looking for inspiration on the border. Mine has taken me over a year though in amongst other projects! Mine is also 20 squares by 17 for my superking bed. I noticed that I have done 3 in the corners when you join and not 2 but it doesn’t seem to have made a difference (I don’t think!)
    Thanks for the border inspiration
    Kyra (Cheltenham uk)


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