Hello all!

The last several weeks have been crazy around here! If you were watching the news lately, you saw that Hurricane Isaac made its path straight for New Orleans the last week of August/first week of September. Even though it hit New Orleans, only minor flooding and damage occurred (mostly just power outages and a few trees down). For most, it wasn’t bad at all. School was cancelled for me and work for Drew, so we decided to make a trip up to see our families in Southern Illinois. We thought that sounded better than sitting in our apartment that was bound to lose power during the storm! (August in New Orleans = HOT with no AC!) It was a good thing we did leave because our apartment didn’t have power for 4 or 5 days. We had lots of food in our fridge, freezer, and deep freeze to throw away when we got home. 🙁

Anyway, we had a nice week-long hurrication that allowed us some much needed relaxation and family time. Once we got back from that, things have been going along here at super speed! My schoolwork has jumped in double time to make up for time lost from the storm and so I have been busy non-stop! Lots of abstract painting, ceramics, digital media, impressionist art history, and 19th century literature by American women writers for me! I’ll be so happy to finish up this last year of school!

Anyway, other than catching you up with the happenings of my life, this post is really to celebrate 2 years of Icing on the Cake Blog! September 4th was my 2 year blogging anniversary (so you can see this post is a week or so late!). You can check out what I had to say last year about my 1 year blogging anniversary, here.

In the last two years, it has been so nice to be able to document the happenings of my life. It is a great resource for me to look back on things that I’ve done, house projects completed, to look up recipes and just re-live those memories. I love blogging for that very reason.

Over the last two years, I’ve posted 245 blog posts, with 750 tags (that is a lot of topics!), and had 458 comments. I’ve also had over 25,000 visitors to my blog.

My first year of blogging, I averaged about 3 1/2 blog posts per week, but this year I’ve only averaged 1 1/2 posts per week. I do feel that my blog content has gotten much better in the last year though. I started posting on all sorts of topics and in the last year feel like I have better narrowed down my blog focus — mostly to things related to the home — decorating, crafting, and cooking.

I feel like blogging might take somewhat of a backseat in the next year, since this school year is going to be a pretty tough one. I want blogging to stay as something that I enjoy and lately it has become somewhat stressful in my already busy life. Another thing demanding my attention. Don’t think that I’m going to disappear though, I just might not be posting as frequently! I still have tons of house projects, wedding photos, recipes, and all kinds of stuff that I’ve completed this summer that are just waiting to be featured! I simply haven’t had the time to do so lately!

A big thank all of you lovely readers that stop by to see what is going on over here! Here’s to another great year! 🙂

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