I’m back in New Orleans now, but I still have lots to share with you from our family vacation last week. It was such a nice time and it was fun to get to spend time with my sisters and nieces.

Here are some of the views from our condo:

The majority of our time we spent at the beach. Swimming, Floating on rafts, laying out to tan, collecting shells, building sandcastles, you know, pretty much your typical beach activities.

Dad was the only one I managed to get a picture of in the water.

It is so much more fun on the beach when you have kids with you. It makes collecting shells and building sandcastles much more fun. Evie had a blast!

Doesn’t she look so grown up in these pictures?! I can’t believe that baby is 6! Aunt Cake is getting old!

I had to get Jill to show off her shells too. Although I think that Evie actually collected these and just gave them to Jill to hold for safekeeping.

Fishie kisses! Perfect for a day on the ocean!

Silly girls. 🙂

And of course, no vacation would be complete without a day at the beach ending in snow cones (or snowballs as they are called in New Orleans). We walked to the snowball shop from the beach, that is why Evie still has her floaties on. 🙂

Georgiana did go to the beach the first day and seemed to enjoy it, although she wasn’t too crazy about the sand. She didn’t feel good most of the week, so she was in the condo most of the time. Blair and Mimi tried to take her down to the beach again, but she got this far down the walkway, saw the sand that lay ahead and sat down and refused to go any farther. Haha 🙂

Hope you all had a lovely week as well!




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