Haven’t seen much of me on here this last semester, huh? Well that should be changing soon.

Last weekend, this happened:

front of tulane up better-color edit1

front of tulane 2-color edit1

graduation-color edit1

cait and sarah superdome-color edit1

My freshman roommate and first friend at Tulane, Sarah.

cait and mom-color edit1

The graduation was held downtown at the Superdome.

bob gigi cake mom-color edit1

My little sister, Kelsey, graduated from High School on the same day as me, so our family split up for the graduation ceremonies. My brother-in-law, Bob, niece, Georgiana, and mom came to mine. 

susie drew cait bob 2-color edit1

Drew’s mom and dad, Susie and Bob, also came down for graduation.

cait and drew superdome-color edit1

I graduated cum laude from Tulane University with a B.A. in English and Studio Art (concentration in painting). After four tough years, I’m so happy to have those college days behind me. This past semester in particular was just so insanely hectic that I feel like I haven’t had a real life in forever. I’m happy to be getting back to the real world. The world of friends, cooking, sewing, gardening, house projects, travel, job searching, and not thinking about French classes or studying until late into the night. I’m excited to get back to blogging! I’ve got lots of things to share with you!

P.S. The Dalai Lama spoke at my graduation ceremony. How awesome is that? 🙂


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