Today I have just been in the writing mood. Or maybe I’ve just been in the creative mood. I wrote a blog post earlier today and had ideas for several others, I painted for several hours and went to a poetry reading. Then I wrote a poem in the car to and from the grocery store. Then I blogged about the poetry reading. Now I’m blogging about the poem.

Well, I would hardly call it a poem just yet. I’m new to this and I just wrote down my thoughts and so it seems too new a creation that it can’t be called a poem just yet. That’s why I’ll just call it: Thoughts on the Rain.

Rain streaks wet color on the pavement.
Blurry then clear again.
A painting in progress.
Movement. Shifting. Drifting, on.

I pass between the raindrops like a maze.
Someone once told me.

Well the first stanza I wrote in the car. It seems a little more cohesive. The last stanza I actually wrote earlier today before I even went to the poetry thing and it doesn’t really fit exactly with the other, but the idea of walking in the spaces in between raindrops seems like such a neat thing that I couldn’t help but mention it as well. Hopefully after a revision or two, I can make this into a better poem, but hey, it is a start. I’ve started to explore poetry and I did more than my two minutes of writing for the day! 🙂 I’d say it was a successful day, except that so far, I’ve read none of the reading for any of my classes tomorrow. 🙁

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