So, how do you peel a banana? Until yesterday, I was unaware of the fact that there are apparently different ways in which to do so. I had always opened a banana by pulling back on the stem part (as I made Drew demonstrate for blogging purposes):

But then yesterday when we were on our way to shop for household items, I looked over and Drew is eating a banana that he peeled backwards! (as I had him demonstrate again for blogging purposes):

When I questioned him about this odd behavior, he simply claimed, “that is how monkeys do it.” I was unaware until then that he happened to be a monkey. But apparently that is how they peel their bananas. Am I the only person that has never peeled a banana like that? How do you do it?

  1. On behalf of Drew and his monkey-like instincts — remember that monkeys should be considered experts at the task of banana peeling. I have heard that if you peel a banana backwards, all those little stringy things come off automatically…

    Drew also gets credit for more “couth” than I use… Because I don’t like to mash the end of the banana by pulling down hard on the top of the banana… The banana stem needs a cut to get it started nicely. So often a knife isn’t in my hand at that moment… so I cut the stem with my teeth… NOW who is the monkey?

  2. Seeing in your instructional photo that Drew uses his thumbnail when lacking a knife, I need to explain further that I don’t like to stain my thumbnail with banana blood… It stains the edge of my thumbnail for the rest of the day… Even though it comes off in the shower, I choose to solve that issue with my teeth!

  3. Well, I have to say that I’m very picky about my bananas. I only like them when they are slightly green-yellow on the outside. After that, they get too sweet and soft for me. So if I’m eating a banana, it is usually still in its crisp stage, so I don’t usually have problems with mashing the end of the banana, it usually peels back just fine from the stem. I also didn’t like that you get banana guts all over your fingers when doing it the monkey way, that is why I opted to do it from the stem. I guess it would work to bite it off like you do, but the brown part of the banana just looks so hard and strange that I don’t want to put it in my mouth! 🙂


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