So this is also written on the side of the page, but in case that is hard to read, I posted it here too. Plus it is pretty much required that the first post of a blog should state some kind of explanation of something 🙂

My family all calls me Cake, stemming from when my little sisters were little and couldn’t pronounce Cait. So it is only fitting that I would also relate to the saying “the icing on the cake.” I think that truly it is the perfect expression for my life. I am really a pretty simple girl. I grew up in the country and as a kid I was always outside climbing trees and helping in the garden. In my future, I don’t wish for fame or fortune, but my ultimate dream is to live in a little country farmhouse on the Wallace family homestead, the land that has been in my family since my great-great-great grandpa got out of the Civil War, and I would like to be a happily married housewife that serves the Lord and cooks, cleans, grows vegetables in the garden, raises the kids, and decorates the house. I would be perfectly happy with a pretty simple existence to the greater world. I think that the basic things like God and family are what bring ultimate happiness in life. Having said that, there are many other things in life that, like “the icing on the cake,” bring a smile to our faces and make each day a little brighter, because they are small additions to an already good life. The icing on the cake is an expression used to refer to something good that happens on top of an already good thing or situation. In my life, I love creative things like painting, drawing, writing, photography, graphic design, sewing, decorating, cooking, gardening, etc… and so every time I see beautiful artwork, or create it myself, or read something inspiring, capture a piece of beauty in the world through a photograph, touch pretty fabric, design something, cook something tasty, grow a plant from a seed, or simply see something beautiful in the world, I consider these things “the icing on the cake” in life. I encourage you to take time each day to revel in the world around you and notice all the beauty and astonishment in nature or in a photograph, a reflection, a funny comment someone said, or anything you might find inspiring as your own “icing on the cake.”

Love, Cake

    1. Why thank you!! Yes! I’m always reading, reading, reading for school. I’m an English/Art Major so I’ve always got books to read. Hugs and God Bless you too! 🙂


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