Remember the stuff I got the other day to make a stitchery wall hanging? Well I made it yesterday while Drew and I were watching a movie. It didn’t take long at all! This is what I ended up with:

I know, it is kind-of hard to see. It was really hard to get a good picture with good lighting and without a glare. I tried to take it outside for better lighting, but still got a glare. Hence, the reflection of someone’s car in my artwork.

You can see the stitching better here. I just wanted a simple, colorful, but slightly rustic look. I used the linen fabric I got the other day for the background, but you could use any fabric really. I like the grain lines and the color of this linen. The heart was made out of some leftover fabric I had in my fabric stash. Along with leftover buttons and some embroidery floss that is like thirty-something cents a thread color. Pretty simple.

If you look closely at the heart, you will notice it looks pretty similar to the heart I use on my blog–on my favicon, header, and signature. Well, that’s because it is! I just made it the size that I wanted for my stitchery and printed it out to use as a template to cut my fabric. You could do that with any image you wanted!

I originally wanted to put a quote on it, but I couldn’t find one that I particularly liked for this. What better to say than simply, I love you? I just lightly wrote out on the fabric what I wanted it to say to get an idea of where to stitch each letter and used a simple backstitch. If you have little kids that are just learning to write, I think it would be cute to have them write out something and then you could stitch it in their handwriting. My mom did that when I was little on my Christmas stocking. She had me write out my name and then stitched it out. I still use that stocking every Christmas with my little 5-year old handwriting. 🙂

If you want a quick and easy idea for artwork, this is it! It only took me an hour or so and cost me less than $10 for the entire ensemble! You only need a small amount of fabric, embroidery floss, buttons, lace or whatever you want to put on it. I got the frame today at Michael’s and I think it accents it perfectly! The frame is a 10×13 matted to an 8×10. The frame came with the matte and it was on sale for $4.99! I love the rustic look of the creme colored frame!


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