Hey y’all. Long time, no post. School has been pretty serious this semester and therefore has left very little time in which to blog. But I have lots of wedding pictures, house posts, and all kinds of stuff to share with you whenever things settle down! Trying to finish two majors is no joke!

Anyway, I wanted to share this little tidbit with you. This past weekend I crossed something off my bucket list! I ran a 5K! If you know me personally, then you know that running is not something I do. Side stitches, aching muscles, bouncing boobs, panting out of breath, what is fun about that!? Well, a few weeks ago, my friend, Sarah, asked if I would run in the Reindeer Run with her. My immediate response was, “Me? Run a 5K? You must be kidding!” But she reassured me that it was a fun thing and wasn’t too serious and that my super slow self wouldn’t be left behind. So I did the crazy thing and signed up for it!

I didn’t practice at all before this run. But I figured that if worse came to worse, I would walk the whole thing and at least be able to say that I put myself out there and did it. I didn’t have enough notice for training beforehand. I did do some research on running though — (how to breathe while running, how to keep your pace, tips for non-runners running 5Ks, what to eat beforehand, how to not get side stitches, etc) — which I definitely think helped.

I was still pretty nervous on my way to the race though.

But once I got there and saw that my race packet came with reindeer antlers to wear and jingle bells to tie on my shoes, I felt a little better.

The race itself was really fun and actually way easier than I thought! 3.2 miles goes by pretty quickly when you are chatting with friends! I can’t say that I really ran much, I pretty much speed walked/jogged the whole thing, but I was pretty happy with the pace I went and I kept it up the whole time with no side stitches and no out-of-breath-ness. It felt really good! I also did a good 30 minutes of pre-race yoga/pilates though, which I think really helped.

It was a really fun environment too. Everyone with their jingle bells and antlers, the Christmas lights all lit up at night, and the track we ran through downtown Baton Rouge was really neat! We looped around the Louisiana state capitol building!

It was such a great time and I’m so happy that I actually did it! (I think Drew was convinced for a while that I was going to chicken out at the last minute!) I definitely will be jogging and hopefully one day running more 5K’s in the future!

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