I was just talking about my favorite fabric designers and while I was reading Sandi Henderson’s blog, Portopellopixie, I saw her pattern for Shabby Pumpkins, and I think that they are adorable! I know it is not even October yet, so it is a little early to be thinking about Thanksgiving, but I think that these would make the perfect centerpieces in the middle of the table or decorating the kitchen/dining room for the fall holidays! Here are some of the photos from her blog:

  1. Caitlin,
    I love the pumpkins but most of all your words are so wonderful. You must take aftr your grandpa Wallace. Everyone is so proud of you!

  2. You take my breath away with your expression of favorites- it truly is the icing on the cake- and you are the icing on the cake. Love the website and the pumpkins look like fun- is there a pattern or directions? or are you just going to wing it? I sent you a message about the pics of gingerbread leaves, both would be lots of fun to make if you have the time- fall is here and color abounds all around to our eyes delight. Hugs, Susie


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