I’m only human, as much as everyone else is. I feel like I need to say that for some reason.

I don’t want people to get the impression that I’m this one sided-person who only cares about what color my curtains are or how my green beans are tasting this evening. In a world that is so crazy and with so much going on, do I only care about myself and my home decor? Of course not. I’m a human with thoughts and opinions and cares and struggles just like everyone else. My life isn’t perfect and it isn’t always easy. Who’s is? I know about all the craziness in this world. But what can I do about it? Dwell on it and let it make me crazy and angry? What would be the point in that? I won’t get into my thoughts and opinions on the world or politics. But I will say this, with all the negativity and sadness that the world can cause when you start to investigate it farther, I can’t help but retreat into the things that I love and that matter most to me. God, family, and things that center around the home. This is my escape. Especially since I’m in college and my classes force me to see the world closer, to investigate its politics, and evaluate our meanings in life. It is only natural that I use this blog as my outlet to value beauty and nature and talk about cooking, art, and decorating. It is my way of staying positive and happy in an otherwise stressful world.

There are still a great many lovely and wonderful things in this world of ours. This is my place to do my best to focus on those and remember the wonderful things that God has blessed me with. I hope you can all find a way to do the same.

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