So my dad sends me little cards about once a week or so here at school. They are so random, but just another way that he can tell me he loves me every week. Sometimes he will tell me all about everything that has been going on at home, like what sport Kelsey is trying out for this week to keep from having to run in athletics or what Papaw is up to or how many guns he’s sold lately. Sometimes they just say “hey” and sometimes they have quotes or words of wisdom inside. I’ve even gotten a used Thank You card before from someone that thanked him for marrying them (he is an ordained minister as a hobby) and he marked out what they wrote and then wrote a note to me underneath that and sent it because he ran out of the other cards he had. I’ve had the same similar situation with a re-used Christmas card I received last August. He started out last year with this whole set of Indian themed cards that I think he had gotten in the mail for free for donating five dollars to a Native American Indian reservation. He ran out of those and then he bought a pack of cards with a watercolor painting of a boat on them and now I’m getting ones with three gerber daisies on them.  He even gave one to my grandpa last week, so I got one from Papaw the other day. It is a sweet gesture and I look forward to seeing what he will say next. Anyway, the card I got today had two quotes inside. This one really inspired me:

“Happiness doesn’t depend on who you are or what you have. It depends solely on what you think.”
-Dale Carnegie

It reminded me to put a smile on my face and cheer up my mood because my happiness all depends on how I think of it. 🙂

  1. Wow! thanks for making me feel like a bad mom! after all I bought the punkin pattrn and tried to make them and all and maybe it was cos I wouldnt let you listen to devil music that you arent a carney no thanks to me tho~maybe i will send you used cards next time

  2. Ha, I wrote that story for my creative writing class. Its true, I didn’t make it up and that is exactly how I remember everything happening, but it wasn’t even supposed to be about you. Geeze, don’t freak out about it. I thought it was funny when Dad sent me a used card, it made me laugh, so stop giving him so much crap about it. You did good with the pumpkins, they turned out really cute! 🙂


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