Ohhhh can you tell I’m excited!!? Drew walked in the door with this pretty little thing on his shoulder:

How pretty! Ahhh the first gift I’ve ever received wrapped in wedding wrapping! It’s official! We are getting married!! (Obviously, I know. But sometimes you get so caught up in the planning, you forget about the fact that you are actually getting MARRIED!)

It’s a PANINI GRILL!!!!!!!!!! Drew’s landlords, Annie & Max, must know the way to our hearts. We love cooking and love ourselves a good panini. 🙂

So what did we do to celebrate our first evening as the happy owners of a wonderful/amazing/fancy panini grill? Well, we made Italian chicken, tomato and bell pepper panini’s, of course! (saving us also from another round of leftover lasagna!)

An enormous thank you to Annie and Max! They are the best landlords ever and feel like family! I mean, who else do you usually live with other than family? 🙂 You can check out Annie’s blog, here.


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