Sorry, I don’t generally use foul language, but this has a point, I promise. 🙂

I (well, P.S. Designs) just finished a blog design for Drew’s landlord, Annie. I did all custom graphics for it!

Annie already blogs at Eat Drink NOLA where she tells wonderful tales of her adventures in New Orleans cuisine, but she wanted to expand her blogging repertoire to cover home DIY projects and tales of parenthood. That is where Do It Yo’ Damn Self (the blog) and P.S. Designs comes in.

Here is her custom header design:

I even made her matching custom social media icons:

I’m so excited with how the design turned out! Be sure to hop on over to Do It Yo’ Damn Self to check it out! She is even giving away Food & Wine cookbooks to two random winners from those who sign up today for her blog e-mailing list! Don’t miss out!




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