Drew and I have really gotten a lot better lately about cooking new things with new ingredients (one of the things on my 20 before twenty list). Lately we’ve been making several new recipes each week. We’ve also started to graduate to more complex recipes! (Today our recipe was on the intermediate cooking level!) Drew really wants to do a Julie/Julia project where we get a cookbook and have to make every single recipe in it. I don’t want to do Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking like Julia does though, that sounds like a little too much for me. Anyone have any good cookbook suggestions? We were thinking maybe one of the stars on the Food Network might have a pretty good well-rounded cookbook. Looks like we need to make a trip to the bookstore soon.

Anyway, today we made Beef Bourguignon (Julia Child does have a recipe for this, although we didn’t use hers). We used this one. It turned out pretty delicious! We even followed the recipe almost exactly! (I get carried away sometimes with tweaking recipes to my own liking) It did make a lot though for just Drew and I, so we’ll have to eat it every night for the rest of the week to finish it! But I would definitely recommend it.

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