Have you ever needed to wax your eyebrows but the only mirror in the entire house was in the bathroom? Said bathroom being only big enough for one human being, let alone a table or other flat surface to set the wax machine on. Well if you’ve ever been in this situation and have been yearning for a solution to this problem, I have it for you.

All you’ll need is a cookie sheet, some aluminum foil, clear packing tape and a few paper towels.

First– line the cookie sheet with aluminum foil.

Second– place the cookie sheet so that it sits directly on top of the sink, with the lip of the cookie sheet behind the faucets.

Third– use packing tape to secure the cookie sheet to the sink top, so that there are no wax machine slipping/tipping related accidents.

Fourth– fold a couple paper towels so that they sit below the faucets and absorb any random droplets of water that may drip to avoid getting water on any electrical appliances such as wax machine.

Fifth– Set wax machine on newly made table top and plug it in. I think you know what to do from here.

Good thing about this whole set up is that it is easily dis-mountable and the objects can again part and go their separate ways.

In case you didn’t follow the written directions, I’ve created a visual so you can get a better sense of how to create your very own wax machine stand. Just do as shown:

*By choosing to engage in this stated venture, you do hereby take full responsibility for the repercussions regarding the stability of your structure and all other wax related encounters that may occur from said venture. Icing on the Cake cannot be held responsible for any related accidents nor do we advocate this method as being foul fool proof.*

Happy Waxing!

    1. HAHAHAHAHHAHHAAAAAAAAAAA I thought it looked funny, but it was late at night when I wrote it. Haha! Although either way, I’m not guaranteeing it would be foul proof either! 🙂


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