Today has been stressful. This week has been stressful. The remainder of this week will be twice as stressful as the first half of it was. I just have too much to do. But regardless of that, this post is a break from the stressful. Let’s talk about aesthetics.

Aesthetics: a branch of philosophy dealing with the nature of beauty, art, taste, and the creation of and appreciation of beauty–reflections on art, culture and nature.

What a pretty definition. I think it pretty much sums up all my favorite things. Art, Cooking, Decorating, Design, Crafts, Nature, etc…

I heard someone today talking about aesthetics. They said that when you are engaged in aesthetic thinking, your senses are at their peak. Another big part of aesthetics is that “you are present in the current moment.”

I think that is a very important part of life, remembering to actually be present in the current moment. It is one thing that is hard to do sometimes. Especially when all day long you are sitting in a classroom, or doing homework, or working, or whatever it is that passes most of your time. Before you realize it, the day is over, the week is over, the year is over. Time flies so fast and we look back wondering where all the time went.

That is one of my joys in blogging. It has helped me to pay more attention to the little things and be present in the current moment. It also allows me to be able to look back and see where all my time went. Plus I mostly talk about aesthetics, so my senses are apparently at their peak. I also find that it helps relieve my stress. As if writing down my thoughts somehow takes the weight of them off my back.

So anyway, now that I’ve left you with that thought, I must go finish my painting homework.

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