It has been super hot in Drew’s apartment the last few evenings, so to get a little break from the heat, Drew suggested we go have some ice cream. We decided to go to the Baskin Robbins that is just a few blocks away. To our surprise when we arrived, we learned that it was 31 cent scoop night! Awesome! I got two scoops in a sugar cone, one Butter Pecan and the other Creole Cream Cheese (my two favorites!) and Drew got two scoops in a cup, one Butter Pecan and one Icing on the Cake! How fitting! (although he said it wasn’t as good as the name suggested) Our total for a sugar cone and 4 scoops of ice cream: $1.36. What a perfect little outing!

Completely disregard the fact that this is in no way a flattering picture of myself. It was like 10:00 at night and I hadn’t felt that great all day. Plus I have no trace of make-up on. But whatever, there are bigger things to worry about and Drew looks cute. (although he really needs a haircut!)

You should definitely look into seeing if your local Baskin Robbins has a 31 cent night! It was pretty tasty and it is to honor America’s firefighters. More info on it here.

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