For my Drawing class, we each had to make a list of 100 questions that sincerely intrigue us. This is easier said than done. It was pretty hard actually. It took me several hours. I mean, we constantly are thinking of things that intrigue us or that we question, but when it comes time to actually write them all down at once, it is hard to remember them. I asked several people and got a few responses and those helped trigger more and here is the list of the first 100 questions that I could come up with:

  1. Why can’t more people realize that happiness is all up to themselves and often simply in the way they see things?
  2. Why haven’t we yet come up with a word that truly rhymes with orange?
  3. Why do people drink soda, even when they know it is absolutely horrible in terms of health? (along with many other things, for that matter)
  4. Why is it so hard to not compare yourself to others?
  5. Why do men have nipples?
  6. What really makes hair turn gray?
  7. Why do hair and fingernails keep growing long after the rest of the body stops growing?
  8. What would it be like if a new color was discovered that no one had ever seen before?
  9. Does everyone see color the same way?
  10. What if people saw things in different colors than each other?
  11. How do people come up with the chemicals added to processed foods?
  12. How can people invent such mind boggling things?
  13. Why is it that some countries thrive seemingly so easily and some are so poor and their people are starving?
  14. Who came up with the idea to try polishing a rough diamond? (or any other precious stone?)
  15. How did we end up with so much stuff in the world from just people, animals, and nature?
  16. Who is it that creates societal expectations?
  17. Why do my thumb nails have little white arches on the bottoms?
  18. Why do I sometimes get little white spots in my nails?
  19. How do people end up with such unique skin prints (fingerprints, etc…)?
  20. What does my life have in store?
  21. What if fish didn’t have to live in water?
  22. What if humans could breathe underwater?
  23. Why do lightning bugs light up?
  24. Why can’t we see in all directions simultaneously?
  25. Why can’t we walk on our hands as easily as our feet?
  26. Why can some people roll their tongues and others can’t?
  27. What makes some hair curly and some straight?
  28. What if we all have infinite memories?
  29. What would it be like if we remembered everything we ever saw or heard?
  30. Why do people all have such different opinions?
  31. What if humans had a totally different body shape?
  32. How did people come up with Calculus and mathematical formulas and theories?
  33. Does the sky ever look the same twice?
  34. How many licks does it really take to get to the bottom of a tootsie pop?
  35. Why can we see light?
  36. Can all things be measured?
  37. Why do smells trigger memories?
  38. How many people die of preventable causes every day?
  39. Why do children have perfect skin?
  40. If rocks and trees could talk, what would they have to say?
  41. What do animals think about?
  42. Do animals talk to each other like humans do?
  43. How far does the universe go on?
  44. How far is infinite?
  45. What does it mean to be finite?
  46.  Are we alone in the universe?
  47. When someone is cremated, do they take anything out/off before they do it?
  48.  What happens to titanium knee replacements after cremation?
  49. How are we expected to formulate our own motivations without lying to ourselves?
  50. What constitutes proof?
  51. How can we teach things that we don’t know to be true ourselves?
  52. What makes a theory more than just someone’s theory/opinion/formulation?
  53. What makes things popular?
  54. Why are people willing to sacrifice morality to make something cheaper?
  55. In Heaven, are people different ages and different sizes?
  56. Why is happiness an ideal?
  57. Why is it easier to see how much something means when you don’t have it anymore?
  58. What motivates people?
  59. Why do people have bad motivations sometimes?
  60. Why do people kill? hurt? destroy?
  61. Why is it that people feel simultaneously a need to associate with others like themselves and a need to keep our own motivations a secret?
  62. Why do people get jealous?
  63. Why do people feel? Have emotions?
  64. What would the world be like if bad things didn’t happen?
  65. Is world peace really what people want? Or do they just want it for themselves?
  66. What would a peaceful world be?
  67. What is power?
  68. Why do people want to control other people?
  69. Why can’t some people just be happy being in control of just themselves?
  70. Why do people think they are superior?
  71. What makes fire get hot?
  72. Why do things stay preserved when frozen?
  73. What things are left in the world undiscovered? How many of the world’s secrets do we really know?
  74. What parts of the historical timeline are we missing?
  75. Why is the world city oriented today?
  76. Why don’t more people appreciate the country? (as in rural settings)
  77. What really is common sense?
  78. Who decides what sense is common?
  79. What makes human heart cells start to beat in an embryo?
  80. How do cells and tissue really become a living being?
  81. How can people consciously have abortions and not think that they are killing their child?
  82. Why are so many people okay with abortion?
  83. What keeps so many people from opening their eyes to the truth?
  84. What is truth?
  85. If your soul goes to Heaven when you die, where was it before you came to Earth?
  86. How did we end up with a world with so many religions?
  87. Why do men’s and women’s brains think so differently?
  88. Does everything have an opposite? A good end and a bad end?
  89. What would it be like if there was a third gender? or a fourth?
  90. Does environment have a greater impact than genes?
  91. How did people figure out how to extract and use things to make different foods?
  92. How did people discover that plants contained foods and spices?
  93. Why do people develop such different personalities?
  94. Can people really become the person they really want to be? Or are they shaped into a person regardless of their own decisions?
  95. Why do humans feel okay with eating some animals as food and not eating others?
  96. Will time travel exist one day?
  97. What is impossible?
  98. What makes some people smarter than others?
  99. Is there really a such thing as equality?
  100. If every job made the same salary, what jobs would people choose? What would be the most popular profession?
It definitely made me think, that is for sure. It is so crazy the things that people wonder about, the things we don’t know, the things that are so mind boggling. I’m curious to see what other people in my class came up with. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow! I’m also curious to see what we end up doing with this.
I think it would be interesting to keep a notebook and record all the questions like this that you come up with on a regular basis. All the things in life you question. So interesting…


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