Wish You Were Here

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11×14 inches
3/4 inch deep cradled wood panel
Acrylic and gouache on wood panel, sealed with a satin finish
Sides are exposed wood.

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About the Floral Poetry Collection: These mantras and words of endearment started as positive affirmations when I was struggling with postpartum depression, then they carried me through my frustration during a series of unfortunate events this summer, and then finally through the loss of my dad and the grief I’ve been working through since then. Every moment of life isn’t always great, but I truly believe it will always be okay in the end. Every day I try to see the good and remember life is worth living. We are never without pain or sorrow, but the world is still full of so much beauty. My hope is that the messages behind these paintings will resonate with you too. Joy and sorrow can co-exist. We can both love and struggle at the same time. We can simultaneously acknowledge our pain and be positive and uplifting. I enjoyed playing with the juxtaposition of words and florals in this series, along with the weight and meaning we assign to various words and sentiments. 

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