We’re All Just Losing Our Shit, Don’t Worry

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24×24 inches
1 1/2 inch deep cradled wood panel, framed in a white floater frame
Acrylic and pastel on panel, sealed with a satin finish
Artwork comes framed and ready to hang.

Colors displayed on your screen may differ slightly from original.

This piece is currently on exhibit at Southern Illinois University Museum in Carbondale, Illinois as a part of their Women’s Voices III exhibition, running through May 13, 2023. This painting will ship at the end of the exhibition, in mid May. 

It was 2018 and I was drowning deep in the postpartum fog after having my first baby. Giving your body over to someone else for months on end, breastfeeding all day (and all night) long, a baby that only sleeps while being held, all the diapers, tears, lack of sleep, lack of help, lack of resemblance to your former life, alongside the ever present feeling that in each moment you need to embody gratefulness and joy and love – motherhood is HARD. Somewhere on a Facebook message board for mothers, I saw a comment that I haven’t forgotten – We’re all just losing our shit, don’t worry. 

Over the last few years, as I’ve navigated parenthood while losing my dad to pancreatic cancer, survived COVID lockdown working from home with a baby without childcare, moving, processing grief, etc – It is a saying that I keep coming back to – We’re all just losing our shit, don’t worry.

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